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Amateur Radio Society Inc.

Serving Columbia and Greene Counties of New York State

Latest News

Next RVWARS Meeting is Monday, July 17, at the Churchtown Firehouse

Posted on June 20, 2017

At the June 19th meeting, the group made final plans for the upcoming Field Day on the the weekend of June 24-25. Field Day chairman Pete Franklin, NX2X, voiced concern about the lack of members who have committed to assist at this years event. Please see appeal from Pete, below.

Vice President Joe Sacco, KC2JMS, who presided over the meeting, advised the attendees that that the Constitution and Bylaws proposed revisions will be discussed at the July meeting.

Club meetings are at 7 pm, at the Churchtown Firehouse, 2219 County Route 27 in the hamlet of Churchtown.

Club Documents will soon be available on website

Posted on June 19, 2017

RVWARS documents, including 501c3, contract with Insite Towers, Agreement with Village of Philmont and Articles of Incorporation will soon be available on this website.

Field Day Chairman Pete Franklin, NX2X, appeals to members for assistance

Posted on May 25, 2017

Claverack--Members of Rip Van Winkle ARS are needed for assisting with several tasks involved with the upcoming Field Day event scheduled for weekend of June 24-25.

"I would like to get a core group of folks together sometime in the next few days to assess

  • If there is any interest, and
  • what resources we have available."

"We currently have no I.S.or network support as of this writing."

"My Email is franklip80@hotmail.com and my cell is 518-755-0974. The responses will determine how/if we will proceed," Pete reported.

Please let Pete know as soon as possible how you can assist with this year's event to ensure another succussful year with the RVWARS Field Day.

This year's Field Day is at Claverack Town Park, on Church Street, off Route 217, in Mellenville.

RVWARS Members Participate in Scouting Event

Posted on May 21, 2017

CHATHAM--Members of Rip Van Winkle ARS participated in the Twin Rivers Council Spring Camporee on Saturday, May 20th, demonstating amateur radio for several scouts. Several contacts were made on voice and PSK-31, including first contacts by scouts. The event was held at the Chatham Fairgrounds.

Chris Carlsen, N2PBN, a long time participant with scouting, was joined by Barry Thompson, WA2KLP, Sean Madey, KD2GRA, Vincent "Otter" Vispo, KD2LIO and Marty Miller, N2LDR.

Several scouts look on as Sean Madey, KD2GRA makes a PSK-31 digital contact

Who said CW is dead...?

Constitution and Bylaws proposed revisions discussed at May 15th RVWARS Meeting

Posted on May 16, 2017

CHURCHTOWN--Secretary Christian Sweningsen gave the group a presentation about the thinking that went into the proposed changes to the club's Constitution and Bylaws. The Constitution and Bylaws Revisions Committee, comprised of Christian, Vice President Joe Sacco, KC2JMS, Shelly Evans, AA2Y and Sean Madey, KD2GRA, have met several times over the last few months to work out the proposed changes.

The membership will soon be emailed a Draft of the new Constitution and Bylaws Revisions, for comments. The membership will vote on them at the upcoming June 19th meeting.

Also, the June meeting is the last meeting before field day, so be sure to attend to get the latest info on this yearly event. The field day committee, headed by Pete Franklin, NX2X, will be meeting in the next two weeks to work out the details for field day which is scheduled to be held on June 24 and 25 at Claverack Town Park, on Church Street in Mellenville.

Secretary Christian Sweningsen, KD2LIN, President Wayne Gearing, K2WG and Treasurer Jack Griffin, AA2JM (from left) presiding over the May 15th RVWARS meeting.

Upcoming Special Event Station at Columbia County Fairgrounds !!

Event: Columbia County Fair

Call sign: K2F

Dates/Times: Starting August 30, 2017 at 10:00 hours, ending September 4, 2017 at 20:00 hours.

Location: Chatham, NY 12037

Frequencies: 3.850 MHz, 7.250 MHz, 14.245 MHz, 21.300 MHz and local VHF/UHF repeaters

Certificate/QSL Contact: Wayne F. Gearing - K2WG, 11 Real View Drive, East Chatham, NY 12060

If you are interested in operating at the event, please email: Wayne Gearing

Field Day 2016

Check it out --> Pictures

2016 was another successful year for the Rippers at field day. Here are some of the moments.

Columbia County ARES ARES Logo

ARES Emergency Services Net on Tuesdays at 7pm
on the 147.210 K2RVW/R repeater

All ARES members are encouraged to join this weekly net to
practice running a formal net and learning to pass messages.

Meetings and training are held at the Columbia County EOC.

If you are interested, contact Columbia County Emergency Coordinator Barry Thompson , WA2KLP, for details.

RVWARS Officers

President - Wayne Gearing, K2WG

Vice President - Joe Sacco, KC2JMS

Secretary - Christian Sweningsen, KD2LIN

Treasurer - Jack Griffin, AA2JM

Safety Officer - Todd Brackett, KC2YKM

RVWARS Committees


Wayne Gearing, K2WG, Chair


Tom Gutierrez, N2NZD
Jules Madey, K2KGJ
Barry Thompson, WA2KLP
Dick Stewart, AC2MH
Marty Miller, N2LDR


Jules Madey, K2KGJ

RVWARS Repeaters

Station Call: K2RVW
Special Event Call: WD2K


147.210 animation   224.280 animation  
449.925 animation

All repeaters are working great...

- We now have a digital repeater on 449.925 with a required PL of 110.9 Hz

- PL is not required for Digital Mode!

- There is also an encoded tone of 110.9 Hz on the digital repeater
so you can squelch out the digital noise

Rip's Report - RVWARS Newsletter

Editor - Christian Sweningsen, KD2LIN

If you have any interesting content for a future Newsletter Email it here

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